Gibbon Slacklines

Developed in Germany, Gibbon Slacklines is the pioneering brand in the field of slacklining that has made this sport accessible to the general public. Gibbon has been able to adapt to its audience by creating versatile, practical and high quality lines.

The brand offers numerous models adapted to all slackline practices and numerous tutorials via an application, designed for beginners as well as experts. Recently, Gibbon has broadened its horizons by creating slacklines especially for children or by inviting this sport into our living rooms with the Giboard. More than a brand, since 2007 Gibbon Slacklines has developed a passionate and active community of slackliners from all over the world.

Gibbon Slacklines now caters to a wide range of people: extreme sports and thrill seekers have the right equipment for slacklining in the mountains; but this fun discipline is now a pastime to be enjoyed with family or friends in parks by stretching a line between two trees.

SDG is now the official distributor of Gibbon Slacklines for the European market.

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